August 20, 2014
It's Time to Review Your Customers' Document Security Features

When was the last time you reviewed the fraud deterrent security features in your customer’s documents? It may be time for an upgrade. Document fraud and counterfeiting are still major issues for today’s businesses of all sizes. We offer a wide range of document security features designed to combat document fraud, alterations and counterfeiting. We recommend layering your customer’s documents with a variety of security features. We suggest utilizing both printed and paper security features. Visit the Document Security section of this website to review (in detail) all printed and paper security features available. Our Customer Service representatives are always available to help you choose the right mix of features for your specific customer.

Available Printed Security features include:

  • Void Pantographs
  • Prismatic Printing
  • Security Backer
  • Warning Borders
  • Ghost Watermark
  • Micro Printing
  • Coin Reactive Inks
  • Bleed Through Numbering
  • Padlock Icon

Available Material Security features include:

  • Fluorescent Fibers
  • True Watermarks
  • Chemical Reactive Paper
  • Toner Adhesion Coatings
  • Visible Fibers
  • Basketweave Safety Paper

Don’t delay in reviewing your customer’s document security preparedness. The possible financial loss and major aggravation make the minimal investment to upgrade security features well worth the investment