June 26, 2013
Introducing CheckMate Online - Powered by AFFIRM

...Eliminates the Need for MICR Spec Sheets!

CheckMate Online allows distributors to proof and order CheckMate software compatible checks on our website. Our AFFIRM MICR verification technology takes all the apprehension out of ordering checks online by eliminating the need for MICR Spec sheets, voided samples or calls to the bank for verification.
Online Options:
  • Software Compatible Templates - Choose from hundreds of software compatible templates
  • Two security levels available
  • Check Color - 9 Color Options including Prismatic
  • Background Style - Marble or Linen Security Void Backgrounds
  • Imprint Information
  • Bank Account Information - Powered by AFFIRM
  • Signature Lines - 1 or 2 and a Custom Title
  • Order or Save as a Proof to Send to Your Customer

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