October 5, 2012
Updated Marketing Support Collateral
Discover all the great FREE content available in the Marketing Support Area of the Graphic Dimensions web site. This area provides you with multiple branded and unbranded marketing collateral to support your sales efforts.

Recent marketing items added to the site include:
  • FlexMate Brochure (Unbranded) - Market FlexMate software compatible products to your customers

  • Financial Documents Brochure (Unbranded) - Market financial document products to your customers

  • SecureScript Flyer (Branded) - Overview of features and options available with SecureScript security and prescription paper

  • SecureScript Flyer (Unbranded) - The same information as the SecureSecript Flyer without our logo and contact information

  • SecureScript Order Form (Unbranded) - Send your medical customers a quick and easy form to gather SecureScript order information
Thank you for your business! We never forget that our success is attributed to your loyalty and support. CLICK HERE to view all available marketing support collateral.