October 14, 2011
Graphic Dimensions Now Providing Georgia Prescription Pads
As of 10/13/2011, Graphic Dimensions has been added to the State of Georgia's list of Approved Vendors of prescription pads.Below are the specifications that are required by the State of Georgia. We will provide product that meets and/or exceeds these requirements.

The Georgia State Board of Pharmacy's 1/2" seal which must be printed in the bottom right corner of all security paper, on all prescription paper,marketed/sold in Georgia.

(38.5) (38.5) "Security paper" means a prescription pad or paper that has been approved by the board for use and contains the following characteristics:
(A) One or more industry recognized features designed to prevent unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription form;
(B) One or more industry recognized features designed to prevent the erasure or modification of information written on the prescription form by the practitioner; and
(C) One or more industry recognized features designed to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms.

Where security paper is in the form of a prescription pad, each pad shall bear an identifying lot number, and each piece of paper in the pad shall be numbered sequentially.

Georgia law requires the lot numbers and sequential page numbers so they must be printed on all pads. At this time, the Board is not regulating the placementof these features on the sheet, or a system or convention for the lot numbering or page numbering. The approach to lot numbering and sequential page numberingwill be left to the manufacturer's discretion.

Please click here for an example presciption pad (PDF) illustrating the required security features.For additional assistance or if you have questions, please contact our Austell, GA manufacturing facility at 800-699-2978, or contact our Southeast RegionalSales Manager, Doug Roberts at 800-699-2978/Cell: 404-680-1059, or email Doug at dougr@graphicdimensions.net.

In addition we are also approved/qualified providers of prescription pads in all states with the exception of California, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Texas and West Virginia.