October 14, 2014
Document Security - Fraud Protection for all your sensitive documents

Most organizations take the necessary precautions when protecting their sensitive business checks. However, document security features should be considered for a wide range of printed documents such as; grade reports, transcripts, prescription pads, gift certificates, redeemable coupons, confidential financial reports, human resource forms, legal documents, licenses, paid training documents, consulting reports, diplomas, course completions certificates and much more. If the duplication or alteration of these documents would cause financial loss or any other kind of loss, then it is essential that you recommend that your customer take document protection measures.

Popular features for valuable printed documents include –

  • Toner Adhesion - paper coating that helps prevent the alteration or removal of printed toner when applied by a laser printer.
  • Chemical Reactivity - paper will react with a stain if exposed to chemical solvents or bleach.
  • Watermarks - both artificial and true watermarks are difficult to duplicate and deter alteration. Many companies use custom watermarks to help authenticate documents.
  • Void Pantographs - although an older technology; void pantographs still are used prominently today to deter unauthorized copying.
  • Thermochromic Ink - heat sensitive ink is a great way to instantly verify authenticity.

When doing a document review with your customers, you should always make sure that all sensitive documents are protected. Our regional sales managers and customer service representatives are ready to assist you and your customer in preventing document fraud.